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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  

  1. What is distance learning or distance education?
  2. When can I start?
  3. What are the steps required to start?
  4. Is Canyon College accredited?
  5. Will my degree or certificate reflect it was obtained by distance learning?
  6. What type of grading system will be used?
  7. What are the time limits?
  8. What if I need more time to complete my program?
  9. How will I communicate with the instructor?
  10. How will I test?
  11. May I take individual courses only?
  12. Will my employer reimburse my tuition cost?
  13. What is the difference in cost between distance education and a traditional campus setting?
  14. Will this program fulfill licensure requirements?
  15. Does Canyon College offer a payment plan or financial aid?

#1 - Question: What is distance learning or distance education?

Answer: Distance learning or education is completing a curriculum of studies without being present in a class room. The quality of education is usually better than that of a class room since most individuals who choose distance learning to obtain their education are more self motivated and every bit as conscientious about their education as their counterpart in the class room. Due to today's technology, made in part by the internet, more people than ever before are choosing distance learning over traditional class room settings as the vehicle of choice to obtain their education. Convenience, cost of travel and other costs associated with a more traditional setting and busy schedules are just some of the reasons more students are taking course work through distance education institutions. After all, consider the commute time to and from a campus and the delays between classes. Wouldn't your time be better spent on studies, leisure time or even time with your family or friends?

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#2 - Question: When can I start?

Answer: Since Canyon College maintains open enrollment and your courses are guided independent study and do not involve class room attendance, you may enroll at any time throughout the year and may start on your courses immediately after acceptance by Canyon College. New enrollments start courses every monday. Individuals wishing to enroll may apply online. Our distance learning program is designed to accommodate only those students wishing to take their courses entirely online. There are no campus requirements. Please refer to the admissions page for tuitions and other policies.

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#3 - Question: What are the steps required to start?

Answer: For your convenience we have summarized the steps as follows:

Complete and submit the enrollment application.

Submit the $50.00.00 processing fee, a photocopy of transcripts if applicable. (Please see #4 below for methods of remitting payment).

Canyon College will notify the student by e-mail and also by U.S. mail of their acceptance status within 10 to 14 business days of receipt of the aforementioned items for program enrollees.

After receiving notification of acceptance, the student then submits the tuition to Canyon College. Once tuition is received by Canyon College, the student is e-mailed the user name and password to the corresponding virtual class-room(s) for which they are enrolled. The student will receive the e-mail with the user name and password within 24 hours of receipt of tuition. Students paying for tuition or the processing fee may pay through the following methods: -

Online - Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express (SECURE SERVER)

Note: students may purchase their required text book(s) (if applicable), through the online book store.

The instructor(s) for the course(s) will notify the student by e-mail with a 'welcome' letter. Students who elect to take more than one course will be notified by each instructor.

The student begins their course work! Since the courses are available online, the student may access the class room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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#4 - Question: Is Canyon College accredited?

Answer: Canyon College is accredited by the following private non-regional accrediting agencies:

  • American Council on Private School Accreditation (ACPSA)

NOTE: It is recommended that all prospective students, prior to enrolling, read the U.S. Department of Education materials regarding accreditation.

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#5 - Question: Will my certificate indicate it was obtained by distance learning?

Answer: No, your certificate will not look any different than someone who took a more conventional course of study on campus nor will it indicate it was earned by distance learning.

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#6 - Question: What type of grading system will be used?

Answer: Canyon College has determined that to accurately reflect a student's progress and knowledge it is best to assign a grade to a student's work. Any tests or course work you do will reflect a grade (A, B, C, D, F), and, accordingly, your transcripts will reflect the overall grade for each course, as well as, the overall grade point average (GPA).

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#7 - Question: Is there a time limit to complete a module, course or program?

Answer: Please view the admissions policies for details on course time requirements. Each module, course of program may have different time requirements. Modules, courses and programs are designed to allow for flexibility however, and allowances are made for those students requiring additional time or those who wish to complete the course(s) earlier than scheduled.

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#8 - Question: What if I need more time to complete my program?

Answer: Please view the time limits. Should unforeseen circumstances arise which unavoidably delay your studies please contact your professor so they may assist you in adjusting your completion date to better fit your schedule. Should your circumstances require you to delay your educational endeavors indefinitely, please advise your professor immediately so appropriate closure or pended action can be taken with regards to your records and refer to Canyon College refund policy.

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#9 - Question: How will I communicate with my instructor since I won't have face-to-face contact?

Answer: Canyon College offers a communication center which meets the needs of any student. The student must maintain his/her own internet connection, but will use the e-mail to correspond with professors and administrative support staff. Some faculty have listed their fax and phone numbers on their syllabi so students may phone or fax them as well.

All instructors are also accessible by e-mail. It is recommended that students view each instructor's preference and suggested method of communication and the dates and times of contact stipulated by the instructors. This can be accomplished by clicking on the course number and viewing the course syllabus including how and when to contact the instructor. Each instructor will be available at least on a weekly basis. The courses are designed for guided independent-study which allows the student the flexibility to accomplish the necessary course work as time allows and then submit the assignments as required within the course outline.

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#10 - Question: How will I test? Am I required to find a proctor? What about text books?

Answer: You are NOT required to obtain a proctor for testing. Unless otherwise indicated in the course outline, all testing is accomplished through an online exam. In a few cases, the student will receive a copy of the results of the exam by e-mail immediately after submitting the exam. Occasionally a course requires one or more projects in lieu of examinations. Please check each course outline/syllabus for specifics.

Exams and quizzes requiring essay questions or other such items such as spread sheet applications are not self-grading and may require the student to attach and forward the spread sheet or other document as an e-mail attachment or forward the document to the instructor by mail. Any questions regarding this should be directed to the instructor. Unless otherwise stipulated, the student is required to purchase the required text books and other necessary materials as outlined in the syllabus for each course.

User Name and Password:

The student is issued a user name and password after acceptance and payment for tuition is received in full for the course. This user name and password will access all required materials and testing throughout the entire selected course and/or program.

You may access the lectures, reading assignments, online exams and other required course materials in your virtual class room. Once a student has completed the lessons and assignments as outlined in the course syllabus and as approved by the instructor, the students will be granted access to the corresponding quiz or exam, if applicable. Occasionally, some professors will require projects in lieu of an exam.

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#11 - Question: May I take individual courses?

Answer: Yes of course!! Individuals who are required to have annual continuing education credits (CEU) for licensure or certification may also find this an excellent means by which to achieve their continuing education credits. You may view the entire list of courses and select individual courses from the list. To view the course syllabus/outline, please click on the course number to the left of the course title.

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#12 - Question: Will my employer reimburse me for my cost of tuition?

Answer: Many employers encourage their employees to further their education and often offer reimbursement for studies relating to the business or the employee's job. This also affords you the opportunity to advance both with your personal growth and prestige among fellow employees and business associates. It is always advisable though to check first with your employer regarding policies for tuition reimbursement. You should print the online course(s) outline/syllabus and present it to your employer for their review and approval. The staff and faculty at Canyon College will be happy to discuss the curriculum offered at Canyon College with your employer after receiving a completed Release of Information Form from you authorizing our staff to talk with your employer regarding a specific matter.

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#13 - Question: What is the comparable cost of distance education v. traditional education on campus?

Answer: Statistics suggest that the average cost for a bachelor degree obtained on a traditional college or university campus is approximately $25,000 to $30,000. A graduate (masters) degree may be considerably higher. Canyon College continues to maintain an affordable tuition and quality education for our students through the use of online courses and programs.

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#14 - Question: Will this program fulfill licensure requirements?

Answer: Should licensure or certification be the goal of the student upon completion, all prospective students should first check with those governmental or private agencies, associations, or boards that provide the licensure or certification. Licensure and certification requirements vary from state to state, and from country to country. Foreign students who intend to complete a program of study at Canyon and later obtain licensing in their home country should also check with the appropriate governmental or private agency, association, or board that over-sees the licensure or certification requirements in their home country. It is the responsibility of the individual enrolling into a program of study at Canyon to check with the appropriate occupational licensing entity regarding their specific requirements.

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#15 - Question: Does Canyon College offer a payment plan or financial aid?

Answer: Students wishing to enroll in the certificate courses/programs may pay for each module individually. All other courses are paid on a per course basis prior to starting the course(s). Please view the cost per course/module, and the cost of certificate programs.

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